• APIs
Alkaloids, Amino Acids, Antibodies,
Antibiotics, Cytokines Enzymes, Hormones
& Synthetic Subtances, Peptides,
Phospholipids, Prostaglandins, Sera &

• Intermediates
Biocatalyst, Chiral Intermediates,
Intermediates, Tissue Culture Media

• Natural Extracts
Plant Extracts, Animal Extracts, Chinese
Medicine Ingredients, Functional Food
Ingredients, Dietary Supplement
Ingredients, Nutraceutical & Cosmeceutical
Ingredients, Food Additive, Dietary Fiber,
Food Ingredients

• Excipients / Formulation
Antimicrobial Preservatives, Antioxidants,
Capsule / Encapsulation, Coating Agents,
Colour& Dispersions, Drug Delivery
Systems, Emulifying / Solubilizing Agents

• Custom Manufacturing
Api Contract Manufacturing, Exclusive
Synthesis of Apis, Contract Manufacturing of
Dosage form Drugs

• Biopharmaceuticals
Bio Cluster, Biopharmaceuticals & Bio
Process, Biotechnology, Cell Biology,
Diagnostics, Antibodies, Molecular Biology,
Genomics & Proteomics, Immunology,
Combinatorial Chemistry, Protein Chemistry,
Toxicology / Virology

• Fine Chemicals
Advanced Intermediates, Regulated Fine
Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Intermediates

• Plant & Machinery for Pharma
• Lab Equipment, Instruments, • Labware, Water Treatment
• Enviroment and Quality Control, •
Technical Publication
• Pharmaceutical Products /
• Medicine
• Pharmaceutical Enginering
• Material & Packaging
• Others